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St. Martha Peaceful Home Oil


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St. Martha is generally known in two aspects; that of the patron saint to housekeepers and homemakers and that of the dominator who subdued the dragon with only holy water and her girdle. Products made in the name of St. Martha tend to combine these aspects to some degree. This St. Martha Peaceful Home Oil, however, is specially blended to accentuate her love for a neat and orderly home. In this aspect, St. Martha is the patron saint of housewives and housekeepers, cooks, servants, and hospitality workers. She brings peace and tranquility to the home and also provides the resources required to keep a bountiful hearth. She can be called on for money, but won’t make you rich. She provides that which is needed to keep the home secure.

She favors women, but she also works with men. All that matters is that men, and women as well, approach her with an open heart.

Comes with a prayer card and saint medal.

For St. Martha in her role as Dominator see St. Martha Domination Oil.

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