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Get Your Mojo Workin’ with a Mojo Bag

A Mojo Bags, or Mojo Hands as they are also known, are a staple in Southern rootwork and Conjure. Usually made in a red flannel bag, or some color appropriate to the work, a mojo bag may contain any number of items from special herbs to animal curios to coins, crystal, good luck charms, or saint metals. Each item is specially selected and awakened to the purpose of the working.

Our mojo bags begin with a divination concerning your petition and the best way to accomplish your true needs. Then we select the appropriate ingredients and the bag material. Each ingredient is “awakened” to its purpose and carefully added to the work. Hands are then “set” in a light formation and prayed over for 3, 5, 7, or 9 days and in very special cases 21 days depending on the requirements of your petition. Each one comes with instructions on using it and “feeding” it to keep it active.

This is not fast work. It takes several days to weeks to make a Mojo Hand and sometimes it is necessary to wait for a specific day or moon phase. This is long term, on-going work. With the proper care, a Mojo Hand can work on your needs for years. Hands can be used in money drawing, gambling, love, attraction, magical protection of all kinds, and so much more! Really any long term desire that needs some constant push behind it is appropriate for a Mojo Hand. If you are curious, please contact us and we will be glad to discuss whether or not a Mojo Hand is your best course of action.

For fast acting work, see our Candle Burns.

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Better Business, Blessed Home, Court Case, Crown of Success, Domination, Gambling, Get A Job, Luck, Love Drawing, Peaceful Home, Peaceful Mind, Protection, Money Drawing, Sexual Attraction, Safe Travel, Steady Work, Other


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