King Solomon Oil


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King Solomon oil is a thick, earthy oil specially blended to bring out the powers of King Solomon: wisdom, clarity, success, and the command of spirits. Charged with prayer and Solomonic technique, this oil can be used to anoint oneself, candles, or talismans to invoke the essence of Solomonic power.


Oils made by Crossroads Sorcery are made with the finest organic ingredients obtained from reputable suppliers. Made in master batches, each individual bottle is filled at the time of order and prayed over in the name of the purchaser to make each unique to the buyer. If buying as a gift, please let us know ahead of time using the Paypal comments section or Contact Us page. We would be glad to charge it in someone else’s name or with a more general blessing.

For external use ONLY.

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2 dram, 0.5 oz (4 dram)


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