Fixed Gator Foot

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A traditional charm favored by gamblers, the “fixed” gator foot is used to reach out, grab money, and draw it in to you. These feet are fully prepared and charged in the traditional Conjure way as well as through ceremonial spirit invocation to be extremely aggressive in manifesting financial gain.

This charm can be used to gain a winning edge over the competition in games of chance, job promotions, getting a raise, or any thing else. To use it carry this good luck curio in a flannel bag in your pocket, add it to a mojo hand, drill a hole in it to make a key chain, or add it to a money altar.

You will receive a consecrated and fixed gator foot, a pouch of herbs and minerals used to “feed” it and keep it active, and complete instructions.

Each item is charged specifically for the purchaser and done at the time of order meaning it could take a week or so to ship. Size and shape will vary.

**Ethically sourced.

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Weight .25 lbs
Dimensions 5 x 2 x 2 in

1 review for Fixed Gator Foot

  1. Rated 5 out of 5


    This was amazing! Day one: heading out for a road trip with friends, checked the mail and grabbed the package on the way out. That day, a friend of mine saw me put the books I wanted back and ended up surprising me by getting them for me. Another friend paid for everyone’s lunch and then ice cream. And all of that was nice since I didn’t have to spend any money. But the real kicker was the next day I picked up my check and there was an extra $100 on there. I searched the pay stub for an explanation and could not find one, I am currently holding the money in case it was a mistake, but as of now no one has said anything 😀 So, absolutely in love with this product 😀

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