Dressed Chicken Foot Charms


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Dressed Chicken Foot Charms

These dressed chicken foot charms are prayed over and consecrated by two Gnostic Bishops, charged in the traditional Conjure style, and then augmented using Goetic techniques. They are very powerful and aggressive charms. Each one is hand-made and no two are alike. Pictures are examples and may not reflect the charm you ultimately receive. You do have the choice of feathers or no feathers; and a loop or chain to hang it with (rear view mirrors are a popular place for these).

Black has specifically been charged for defense and protection.

Red is for scratching out hidden enemies and turning back any work that might be thrown your way.

The natural, clear-coated feet are prayed over with a general purpose and can be used for protection, uncovering enemies, and cleansing work.

Each item is charged specifically for the purchaser and done at the time of order meaning it could take a week or so to ship.

If you would like a custom foot (e.g. a red one for cleansing) please use the Contact Page to inquire.

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