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While we put a lot of work into our products and enjoy offering them, Crossroads Sorcery is really more focused on personalized services. We believe that all spiritual services and products should be made to order; not in batches to be kept in an inventory closet for who knows how long. It is for this reason that our various charms and curios, mirrors, and mojo hands are made specifically for the person placing the order and never pre-made. In addition to those items listed as products, we offer the following services on an individual basis after a free email consultation.

Sorcery for Hire – Magick Made to Order

Magick is not about simply knowing the right ingredients and words to speak to obtain your desires. The art of magick involves being able to determine the proper magical technique to use for the intended purpose. We can help you attain your desires. With a free email consultation, we can, through a combination of experience and divination, work up the magical plan best suited for your goals. We will then give you an estimated timeline for your working and the cost. Whenever we can we will try to provide more than one potential strategy, delineating the advantages, and disadvantages if any, of each method.

We cannot grant your every wish, or achieve the impossible, but we can work with you to manifest real and tangible change in your life.

Where possible we try to keep our clients as involved in the work as we can. This may involve you providing us with not only information about your case, but sometimes material support (such as photos or personal items). It may also include us giving you instructions to follow on your own (possibly with items provided by us).

We are not all powerful, and, as with everything in life, there are no guarantees, but we have a solid record in achieving positive results in matters of Law, Relationships, Money, and Business.

Spiritual Consulting

Spiritual Consulting consist of working with you on a specific issue including crossed conditions, negative energies, paranormal activity, psychic and magickal attack, and other forms of spiritual distress. Work will include a reading and assessment of your situation. From there we will work together to create an appropriate course of action and perform whatever magickal or spiritual work is required.

Custom Talismans

A talisman is a magically prepared object intended to bring about a specific end, to draw certain energies, or to bring good fortune in a particular area of life.

Specialized talismans that we can do include…

  • Planetary or Elemental energies
  • Job finding or career advancement
  • Financial success
  • Love
  • Sex
  • Protection

… or we can design one just for your needs.

Each talisman is made to order and may take one to three weeks to prepare, depending on purpose and astrological timing.
Amulets- if you already have a piece of jewelry or similar object that you would like charged to a particular purpose, please contact us.

Use the Contact Us page to begin your free email consultation.

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  1. Rated 5 out of 5

    Timothy Shay

    Extremely knowledgeable and a pleasure to work with. If you are looking to make real changes in your life through magick, these are the people who can make it happen for you. I have been extremely happy with my custom talisman and will be back. Thank you XRS!

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