Our Philosophy

“High Church, Down and Dirty”

It is not just a tagline for Crossroads Sorcery; it is what we do.

With years of experience in each, we have found a particular blend of Ceremonial Magick and folk tradition (Conjure, Hoodoo, and Southern rootwork) that brings to life highly charged yet infinitely practical magickal creations. We augment the practices of folk magick with invocation and Spirit work. We strengthen the works of Ceremonial Magick with the down-to-Earth styling of rootwork. We believe this blend to be truly Sorcery at it best!


All of our products are handcrafted in our dedicated temple space paying particular attention to Grimoiric tradition and the way of the old Southern Conjure workers. You can be assured that every detail from the phase of the moon, the day and time to the Spirits called upon for assistance have been carefully calculated for the most powerful results. When it is appropriate, products are consecrated or blessed by two Gnostic Bishops.


Our product creations are tested through use by experienced practitioners before being offered to the public. We offer only the best creations with a proven effective track record. We do divinations on any custom work, mojo bags, or candle burns to determine the best approach for you as an individual.